EPA - Emporium Partner Alliance


Run a Business or Brand?

Interested in Making Extra Money?

Have Supportive Fans?

The EPA Is The Answer For YOU 

The Emporium Partner Alliance is designed to help Small Businesses & Nonprofits, as well as Social Influencers with 1,000+ Followers Expand into Merchandising, without the stress of having to Build and Operate their own independent stores. 


How It Works

Direct Fans to Your Page on BanditsEmporium.com 

Earn $5 Per Shirt


What You’ll get for FREE by becoming a Partner:

  1. A page in our online marketplace featuring Your Brand’s merchandise

  2. Support Creating Branded Designs 

  3. Support creating social media assets/strategy

  4. Promotion of Your Brands Official Website

We are in the early stages of building Our Online Marketplace and hope to find Partners who are willing to grow with Us as we scale over the next 12 months.

Apply to become a Partner Today by emailing: Zack_Linder@Yahoo.com

In Your email please include:

  • Your businesses Website or Primary Social Page
  • The best way to contact You
  • What would Your ideal outcome be if Our Partnership worked out exactly as You wanted



EPA Members

Mega Bites Food Truck
Emergence Dance Festival
Camp _Kaiju