The year is 2040.

Two decades have passed since The Incident.

Miasma continues to infest No Mans Land, making life difficult without proper equipment and as a result, the majority of humanity has been driven to Mega Cities commonly referred to as 'Worlds'. 

While travel between Worlds is possible, the journey is treacherous and chaotic, leading most to stick to the World they were born into and ignore all but the most shocking of outside events. 

However, for those seeking a life of adventure there is hope to be found in a vast network of travelers, traders, merchants and fences who call themselves 'Bandits'.

The Bandits travel between Worlds seeking interesting treasure and bring the best findings back to The Emporium, the Bandit's home World and Merchandise Distribution Hub!




A bell rings overhead as You push open The Ships door.


The floor space is moderately well kept and adorned with clothing, but eerily silent.


While thumbing through the displays, something whispers to You from inside an unlocked Wardrobe, which you hesitantly open.


You Find a Strange Shirt Inside, Do You Put It On?